Saturday, April 21, 2012

let's tweet.

gomen..i'm active in twitter now~ ;)

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

i'm an optimistic pessimist.


it have been more than 5 months ne..

i really forgot about this blog and sometimes it just slipped my mind. T_T

last year, i totally pulled off my sleeves because of the college thingy.

my LJ also have been on hiatus for quite some time.

but fret not, i'm totally know what is happening now.hehe, stalker enough?

  • risou no musuko! (kyaa-ing at yamajima seems that yama-chan is totally into cross-dressing there..;))

  • super delicate song.. (i really like it that yuto got the center part,yes, finally he's back on the spot! i kinda turn off to see the perm on hika's hair.oh no!)
  • summary 2011 dvd.. (finally, they decided to make it into a dvd..i'm one of the fan that anticipate about it the most and i have pre-ordered it through my friend..heee..)
  • ending planner.. (i just happy that we got to see chii in there,,but him as a college student..haha! he's just too cute!)
  • jin & meisa married! (hopefully their relationship is going on smoothly..i approved!)
  • NEWS.. (for now, i'm not anticipating anything from this group because yamaP and ryo-chan are not there sad..)
  • yabu is going to the university! (hika, don't you want to go too? hehee..)
that're some of my highlight though..

shout to the world; super delicate!

sorry for the mia and i'll be in a proper hiatus when we start to get load of assignments here..*sigh*

p/s : i'll try to finish my 15 days of JE boys~